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How to minimise buffering / freezing situations?

Buffering / Freezing, or even blank black screen, would be caused by different reasons, including internet speed, internet stable, device not 100% compatible, or even device not strong enough to run the streaming, below would be suggestions to minimise buffering or freezing with Live TV:

(1) DON’T connect to 5G Wifi / Wifi hotspot as they are not stable;

(2) Go to setting – decode, choose Hardware decode (for devices other than mobile phone) / Software decode (for mobile phone) and see if which one works better on your device. Restart the device once you set;

(3) [Live TV] While Live TV channel playing, click "right" button of your remote, choose "resource 1 or 2 or 3" for the best performance resource;

(4) If your device has been running for long time period, please power it off for 10-15 mins, for recovering of internal storage;

(5) Connect with Ethernet (hardwire) for best using experience;

(6) [For Firestick] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lklmu-RSfWo&feature=youtu.be

(7) If still not working, try to uninstall the Sterling TV app, and go to Sterling TV website for new download and installation. http://777347.cc/

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